• David-TechFi
    A little documented issue with Zigbee controller hubs - Philips Hue probably being the most well-known - is that they have an upper limit for the number of connected devices. For Hue, this is around 50-60 devices, depending on the mix of bulbs and accessories. Accessories 'count' as multiple devices, so a lot of remotes cuts into the total. For competitor and budget alternative Innr, the limit is 30 devices, but no distinction is made between bulbs and remotes.

    If you want to connect more than 50-60 devices, you are advised to get a second Bridge. However, devices connected to different bridges cannot interact. An accessory switch connected to bridge 1 cannot control a bulb connected to bridge 2. Obviously, not ideal.

    One way to circumvent this is to leave out the bridge altogether and go for a more powerful controller solution, say a Raspberry Pi with a dedicated Zigbee adapter, along with say Home Assistant or Domoticz. This works, but is not a very accessible solution. Hency my question, is there a way to address this through Home Connect Plus?
  • Frank
    Hi @David-TechFi, thanks for the insight. I am aware of the problem, but not the exact numbers. Interesting.
    We heard that request a lot in the form of "Please support multiple Hue bridges". I guess, this would solve the problem and Home Connect Plus could bridge the gap between the bridges. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, but we have that requirement on our list. Your request will raise the priority of it.
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