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    It's good to have you! Here you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other smart home enthusiasts, to help each other and to directly get in touch with the Home Connect Plus team. Since treating one another with respect within this Community is very important to us, we ask that you keep the following Community Guidelines in mind:


    • We are offering this as a space to have discussions about smart homes with real people as equals. Accordingly, we ask that you are always respectful and tolerant towards others (including the moderators) so that discussions are calm and constructive.

    • If you use or share another user's content in a discussion, you should acknowledge this accordingly or, ideally, clarify this beforehand. This will help to avoid disputes and misunderstandings.

    • Should you find any posts that breach the Community Guidelines or the Terms of Use, we ask that you report them. We want to ensure that this Community remains a safe space where all of our users feel comfortable.

    • Do you have any feedback about our app or this forum? Please get in touch. This is the only way that we can take account of our users' thoughts, requests and constructive criticism and put them into practice. We value your opinion.

    • You can also make animportant contribution to this platform. After all, it is only through collaboration that we can make this Community an amazing place for exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge, finding inspiration and building a community. So get actively involved, create posts and have conversations with other users. And don't forget the most important thing – have fun!


    • The content of this Community is public. As such, please only disclose personal information that you are certain is allowed to be made public. It goes without saying that this also concerns other people's information (e.g. in e-mails) that must not be disseminated without the appropriate consent.

    • We want to encourage everyone to treat each other with respect and therefore will not tolerate any form of discriminationwith regard to gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, political and religious affiliation, etc. or the sharing of inappropriate content, such as pornography, hate speech, violence, etc. in our Community.

    • It is prohibited to use multiple accounts or fake profiles and to post advertising or spam in our Community.

    By participating in this Community, you agree to abide by our Community Guidelines and the general Terms of Use of our Home Connect Plus Community. If these rules are violated, we reserve the right to take action accordingly if there is adequate reason to do so. Needless to say, we would like to ensure that users within this Community treat each other as equals.

    Do you have any questions or remarks? Please don't hesitate to get in touch and write an e-mail to the following address: .

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    Your Home Connect Plus team
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