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    Acutulus ara - sounds like a spell from the Harry Potter universe? Not in this case! Derived from these two Latin words meaning "intelligent house", the name of our long-awaited partner Aqara is hidden. So that you know which products await you and how you can use them to expand your home smartly, we take a closer look at Aqara in this newsletter.


    Comfortable and safe all round

    That little bit of household chores takes care of itself ... and not only that: your Smart Home takes over many everyday tasks. With the comprehensive product range and high quality at an attractive price, you can equip your home all around. In the wide product range you will find a variety of intelligent sensors and switches, curtain controls and smart cameras. Cleverly networked, you can combine other smart home devices with the Home Connect Plus app. This increases the comfort in your smart home. For example, you can activate your security system via the Aqara Hub M2 when you leave the house. All devices in standby mode are then automatically switched off and the robot vacuum cleaner starts the cleaning programme.


    Smart heating with multiple triggers

    Especially nowadays, it is important to heat cost-effectively and efficiently. Combine your thermostats with door-window contacts in a smart automation to regulate the temperature when you ventilate a room. With the latest app update, you can now use several triggers within an automation and thus select not only one, but several door and window contacts of a room. If one of these windows is opened, the corresponding door/window contact triggers the automation and the heating thermostats are automatically turned down. This way you don't heat unnecessarily as long as you ventilate.

    You want to learn more about Aqara? Then take a look at our partner website!
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