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    Faster than your shadow

    Your automated home can be faster than your shadow – and your other family members too. For instance, you can make the coffee machine start before the first members of the household wake up or you can make the washing machine start the program before you can manually press the button on the machine. What's more, you can add a little mischief to daily life, setting the sprinklers to be ready at a time that only you know.


    Lara from our team shows you how to do it.

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    Smart lighted

    Smart lighting is a classic feature in every smart home set-up. There is a wide range of manufacturers and options out there, meaning that your choice of lighting definitely isn't a boring decision. Whether you opt for a relaxed lighting mood, the right colour changes or fun effects – you can certainly amaze your neighbours with your smart home lights.


    We show you how to get the most out of your smart lighting in our video – let's get this party started!

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    A very special date

    Automations can make your everyday life a lot easier and we think a little fun is definitely not lacking! With our three automations, you can get up to some mischief and crash a date or two - as if by magic, music, lighting moods change and the shutters close or open.

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    This way, a romantic mood is interpreted in a completely new way and every date probably becomes an unforgettable experience - how exactly this looks in action you can see here in our video.

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    Dog defense

    You're already lurking outside the window because the neighbor's dog is once again using your property to relieve his bladder? Not so cool!
    But a smart home wouldn't be a smart home if it didn't offer an automated solution to this problem:


    Like in our video here, you'll definitely be prepared the next time the four-legged friend next door stops by.