• Can I use Home Connect Plus to circumvent Philips Hue (and other) Bridge (controller) limitations?
    Hi @David-TechFi, thanks for the insight. I am aware of the problem, but not the exact numbers. Interesting.
    We heard that request a lot in the form of "Please support multiple Hue bridges". I guess, this would solve the problem and Home Connect Plus could bridge the gap between the bridges. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, but we have that requirement on our list. Your request will raise the priority of it.
  • Tado thermostats and room thermostat temperature are not in sync?
    Hi @maentele, sorry for the late response and the fact, that you did not get any help so far. Please send me the name of your registered Home Connect Plus User via direct mail, and we will take a look.
    I assume you already tried to synchronize the Nuki integration (on the partner details page). This repairs many things that might go wrong over time, especially the events.